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Make the Most of The MoversA2Z.Com Free Load Board

Sat, Oct 31 10:10 PM

How to make the most out of the moversa2z.com Household Goods load board. Our load board is designed to support the moving industry all throughout the US and Canada. Using it at the right time can increase your productivity and profit.

Posting a Load: By definition a load is a shipment picked up by you and is ready to be shipped to its destination. By posting your load on our Load Board you will expose your shipment to hundreds of drivers with available truck space. You will be contacted by drivers that will have the available truck space and are heading in your load's direction.

Posting a Job: By definition a Moving Job is a Job that was booked by you and is ready to be assigned to a carrier. Posting the job details on our load board would insure finding the right carrier that would be in that job's area at the right time.

Posting Truck Space: When planning a long haul trip, you can use this feature to post your stops and the amount of space becoming available at each stop. Companies in those areas would see your available space and the direction you are heading and would contact you with their available loads.


Same State Postings: Our load board features the ability to post loads, jobs and truck space within the same state. If you have a truck driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, post your space to find loads going back to Los Angeles. If you have a Load in Dallas that needs to be delivered in El Paso, post it and find a driver heading in that direction.

US - Canada Postings: Offering Moving from the US to Canada or vice-versa, post your loads or truck space here and find companies at both ends to combine forces with.

Email Alerts: When you post your loads, jobs or space - an automatic email message goes out to all the subscribers alerting them of the new posting. In addition the posting would rotate on our home page and would appear in the search results giving you ultimate exposure.

Best of all our Household Goods Load Board is Free

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